How to use Google Pixel 7A for Enhanced Features 2023

In today’s smartphone landscape, the Pixel 7A from Google stands out as an affordable option without compromising features. Its ability to match the capabilities of its pricier flagship counterparts makes it exceptional, although some of its best features may be hidden in plain sight.

Secret Tricks for your Pixel Phone!

Cinematic Wallpaper

  • A hidden gem on Pixel phones is the ‘Cinematic Wallpaper’ feature.
  • When setting a new wallpaper, look for a subtle start icon that appears.
  • Tapping this icon activates the ‘cinematic wallpaper,’ adding dynamic motion effects to your chosen image.

Emoji Wallpaper

  • Google offers an ‘Emoji Wallpaper’ option within the wallpaper settings.
  • The Emoji Workshop enables you to create unique wallpapers using emojis from your device.

Multitasking with Recent Apps

  • On the Pixel 7A, there’s a valuable trick for multitasking in the Recent Apps view.
  • A long press on visible text or images opens quick actions and allows you to copy or save images directly to your phone.

Photo Editing Tools in Google Photos

  • Photography enthusiasts will appreciate the robust photo editing tools exclusive to Pixel phones in Google Photos.
  • Features like ‘Magic Eraser,’ ‘Photo Blur,’ ‘Portrait Light, Depth Control,’ and ‘Color Focus elevate portrait-style shots to a professional level.

Locked Folder in Google Photos

  • Google Photos introduces a valuable feature called the ‘Locked Folder.’
  • This private sanctuary safeguards sensitive photos and videos with utmost privacy, ensuring they remain untouched by Google Photos backup.

Camera App Trick

  • The Pixel 7A’s Camera app has an underrated trick for capturing the perfect shot.
  • A simple shake of your phone seamlessly toggles between the rear and selfie cameras, offering unparalleled convenience.

Incredible Accessories for the Google Pixel 7A

Protective Accessories

To safeguard your Google Pixel 7A, we recommend starting with protective accessories. This package includes a slim case, screen protector, and camera protector, all designed to defend against scratches and potential damage from accidental drops.

Charging and Wireless Charging

Additionally, consider the official 30-watt charging brick from Google. It stands out for its portability and significant power output, which is essential since Google no longer includes a power brick in the box. This charger ensures rapid charging, and its collapsible pin makes it ideal for on-the-go use. With the Pixel 7A now featuring wireless charging, investing in a top-tier wireless charger for your bedside table is also a good idea. Not only does it prop up your Pixel 7A for easy viewing, but it also incorporates a quiet cooling fan to prevent overheating during charging. Remember that the Pixel 7A wireless charges at a maximum of 7.5 watts, so having the power mentioned above brick can be handy for faster charging.

Audio and Sanitization

Moving on to audio accessories, consider the Elixir wireless earbuds, known for their slim profile, commendable battery life, and USB-C charging. These earbuds offer a reliable wireless connection, ensuring uninterrupted music playback without the hassle of additional cables. Finally, for hygiene-conscious users, we introduce the PhoneSoap 3, a versatile device designed to hold and sanitize your phone using UV lights. What’s convenient is that you can simultaneously charge your phone while it undergoes a thorough disinfection process, effectively eliminating 99.99% of germs. This becomes especially relevant considering how frequently phones change hands and accumulate unseen residues and germs.

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